Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons by James Dean & Eric Litwin (2012)

[Published by Harper]


Hello again world. I know I know, it’s been far too long. All my promises of continuing to blog after my year was up fell apart slightly. However, in good news, I have now completed my Grad Dip in Teaching, have a job lined up for next year (teaching new entrants!) and am officially on holiday. I won’t do anything rash and make any blog-frequency promises, we’ll just see how it goes. Okay with you? There will probably be more “teacher stuff,” but I can promise there will always be picture books.

Pete the Cat is such a stunner and today’s Pete book is full of maths. Hooray, love maths! Pete begins his day with four buttons. After several popping incidents, he ends up entirely button less, well apart from one special body button that is. With a super groovy song, a nice message and numbers galore, this is picture book party central.20151130_153440

There are heaps of great ideas for using this book in the primary school classroom, with a particularly fantastic selection on this blog.

It’s nice to be back, if I’ve missed any picture book gems in the last few months, feel free to let me know.

Check out Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons at Auckland Libraries.


I ain’t gonna paint no more by Karen Beaumont; illustrated by David Catrow (2005)

I-Aint-Gonna-Paint-No-MoreThere is so much scope with this picture book, it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, the words are based on a song, It ain’t gonna rain no more so if you feel inspired, instead of reading to your audience you can sing it to your audience.

The story itself is hilarious. A crazy child let loose with a paintbrush starts painting his body parts, “So I take some red… and I paint my head”. The lines are split over pages which leaves your audience guessing the end of each rhyme. With almost no white left on his body our highly decorated friend finally says, “But I’m such a nut, gonna paint my…”?? Don’t panic, it’s all very cleverly censored. The pages of the book get messier and messier with splashes of bright paint covering them entirely by the end.

I gave myself the added challenge of creating a white laminated boy and painting the appropriate body parts as I sang this story to a preschool audience. It was a lot of fun. Just make sure you sing slowly and place a drop-sheet on the carpet!

Check out I ain’t gonna paint no more at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy I ain’t gonna paint no more from Fishpond.