A spot of bother by Jonathan Emmett; illustrated by Vanessa Cabban (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]

spotPig is such a dork, and I say that with huge amounts of affection. One morning, while eating cherries, Pig discovers a red stain on his side. For a normally spotless wee chap, this is quite the disaster.

Goat offers to lick it off, but unfortunately his mouthful of beetroot only compounds the problem. Cow’s dirty broom, and Sheep’s oversight regarding shampoo/sheep dye all conspire to make things much worse for Pig.

Eventually, after some excellent sulking, everything turns out just sparkly. “I’m spotless! I’m speckless! I’m pinker than pink. I’m a PERFECTLY PRISTINE PIG!”IMG_1527

But because life is, well, life, it doesn’t end quite there…

The illustrations are magnificent, the endpapers have given me a major hankering for cherries. And pig’s fanciness has been beautifully captured by the wonderful and sadly, late Vanessa Cabban.

There are so many delicious words in this book, I’ll give you a wee taster to whet your appetite:

  • “Sorry, Pig!” said Cow contritely
  • “It’s a CALAMITOUS CATASTROPHE!” howled Pig.
  • “Can’t you see this bothersome spot?”

If you like dorky pigs, delicious words, or endless cherries, then this one’s for you!

[No longer available at Auckland Libraries.]

Or buy A spot of bother from Fishpond.

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