Hog in the fog by Julia Copus; illustrated by Eunyong Seo (2014)

untitledI’ve never been to a party with slug-flavoured chips and warm jellied maggots, but then again I’ve never been friends with a hog! Candy Stripe Lil is waiting with anticipation for her friend Harry the Hog to arrive at her house for a very special afternoon tea, only he never arrives. So, “Pittery pattery, tippety tappety, off up the hill went Candy Stripe Lil”. She gathers a sheep, a deer and a crow along the way to help her find Harry. They’ve all seen some strange animals recently but none of them have seen Harry – or have they?

As the sun sets and the fog rolls in, the search becomes harder and harder. I won’t ruin the end, but let’s just say it finishes with afternoon tea. This picture book is beautifully illustrated, with endpapers you want to sink your teeth into – well, maybe if you were a hog.

Check out Hog in the fog at Auckland Libraries

Or buy Hog in the fog at Auckland Libraries.


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