Pool by JiHyeon Lee (2015)

[Published by Chronicle Kids]


I’m being a big girl here and admitting that I was wrong. I have always dismissed wordless picture books as being a bit pointless (wait, wordless picture book creators, don’t hate me yet). I think it probably stems from the fact that I LOVE to read books aloud. So for me, no words = no chance to throw bucket-loads of expression at the book.

I read an awesome blog post recently explaining how wordless picture books work so well with an audience. They provide heaps of opportunities for kids to discuss what they are seeing, to predict what they think is going to happen, and to engage with the story in their own imagination. I’m convinced and am now looking forward to trying them out in the classroom.

Pool is mesmerising. IMG_1891A small person arrives at an empty swimming pool ready for action with goggles and a swimming cap. Hordes of happy sunseekers pile into the pool, leaving almost no square inch of water empty. The only thing for it is to dive deep below the surface. Magical creatures lurk in the depths as does a blossoming friendship.

Wowsers, I just stumbled across some of the few words present in the book, on the back cover, “For those who want to swim freely in the world.” It just gets better and better.

Check out Pool at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Pool from Fishpond.


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